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Qingzhile Ob-Albumen Soft Capsule

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Qingzhile Ob-Albumen Soft Capsule Provides superior dissociation, effectively prevents fat accumulation, prevents formation and absorption of fat, accelerates fat decomposition and combustion, rapidly improves the fat metabolism, burns excess fat, so as to achieve targeted, complete, fast, safe and ideal effect reducing weight.

It is adipose decompose factor (similar to the "does not match the protein content of MUP composition), the experiment proved that ingredients can penetrate deep fat break fat cell membrane, it contains the active ingredient from the overflow of insoluble matter is converted into heat, make fat cells shrink, destroy the fat gene chain, effectively improving fat metabolism, decompose adipose cell automatically, to promote the metabolism, thin body effect reducing weight.
Main ingredient: OB protein, dietary fiber, anthocyanins, aloe, cassia, L-carnitine etc 
Specification: 850 mg * 80 grains 
Take method: Every time a grain, twice a day. In the morning and evening before meals. 
Suitable crowd: Simple obesity, the waist and belly fat reduction. Postpartum care mediation, obstinate obesity 
1,  Improve the body circulation, keep fit:
2,  Uniform, weight loss, regulate endocrine,
3.  Fast weight loss, eliminate excess fat: 
Storage method: Sealed, a cool and dry place
Shelf time: 24 months
Notice: This product is not a substitute for drugs, taking the product also need to drink more water to discharge in order to promote the body metabolism.

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