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True & Fake for Meizitang (MZT)


How to distinguish the real botanical slimming soft gel from fake one? There are the following four points:

1. Lazer Mark "MZT":

2. Glossiness of capsule:

3. Capsule Size and Material

4.Blister Packs:

After checking the counterfeit botanical slimming soft gel, you will find that the softgel is much darker in color and smaller in size. As for the original botanical slimming soft gel , the softgel color is bright with high gloss; and it's standard 650mg per capsule.The counterfeit meizitang is made of inferior capsule shell and thus it's much harder (if taking such material for a long time,it may do great harm to health)and nearly cannot be pressed by fingers.As for our original meizitang, it's pretty soft because we produce with the best capsule shell.

In addition, the PTP material for the counterfeit botanical slimming soft gel is weak and thin, and thus blister packs will wrinkle during transportation. As for our original one, the PTP material is thick and blister packs will not deform after transportation.