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  • Wholesale Pearl Whitening & Spot Removing Capsule
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Pearl Whitening & Spot Removing Capsule

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      Product Details

      Pearl Whitening & Spot Removing Capsule:
      1. 100% natural,
      2. 100% pure natural vegetal extract
      3. Make skin white, tender and smooth. 
      Pigmentation is due to two main reasons. The first one is endocrine imbalance and the second is pigmentation. More common in middle aged and older women, but the prevention of pigmentation should start from the young girl. Pearl Whitening & Spot Removing Capsule use double-effect formula which are puissant antioxidant and balance for secretion. It is the latest generation of treasures for beautyfying and freckle whitening.It is made of such precious natural ingredients, such as pearl, aloe, glossy ganoderma, lagehead atraclylodes, grape seed and ginseng. 
      Pearl Whitening & Spot Removing Capsule is proven through clinical test in Japan that the product can whiten skin, remove spots, eliminate toxin, beautify skin, adjust internal secretion, resist oxidation and delay ageing with excellent effect in relieving rough, dry and droopy skin, fading chloasma, brown spots and freckles, removing acne, curing constipation, halitosis, adiposity, gastroenteritis, inappetence, menopause syndrome, hair loss, liver disease, with excellent effect in assisting to cure colpitis and pelvic inflammatory disease etc.  
      Main Ingedients: Pearl, aloe, glossy ganoderma, lagehead atraclylodes, grape seed and ginseng. 
      Available Group:
      1. Women with droopy and rough skin, dull tone, brown spots, breast hypogenesis, droopy breast, insomnia, depression, dysmenorrhea, hair loss, adiposity and constipation, ets.
      2. Users who have weak consitiution and want to improve resitance.
      3. Early aging, sexual frigidity and menopause syndrome. 
      Usage: Twice a day, 1 pill each time, orally take with empty stomach in the morning and evening.
      Tip: Have more water and fruit after taking the product.
      specification: 60 Pills/bottle
      Storage: Please store under shade and dry environment, Keep away from children.
      Unavilability: Users who suffer from serious disease and sensitive to medicine, and pregnant women shall not take the product. 
      To improve the facial skin dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation, rough pores, skin relaxation, lack of flexibility and gloss and other symptoms, regulating endocrine female hormones, anti-aging, so that the body in the young state.

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